About The Hidden Beauty Bar

Welcome to The Hidden Beauty Bar, thank you for visiting my store!
A little about me, my names Kala and I have been in the industry for 4+ years! I am a luxury lash supplier as well as a lash & brow tech! I opened The Hidden Beauty Bar in 2019, my goal was to offer quality treatments and products at an affordable price.
So, if you are new here and looking for help in the industry I have you covered, I have made loads of e-books to help widen your knowledge and become the best lash tech possible! 
Check out my Instagram, @thehiddenbeautybar I am always happy to help with any lash related questions as I know being a new lash tech can be a lot!

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You can now book your appointments hassle free with our online booking system! If you want to speak to me about booking your appointment please contact me through one of the following - Instagram, Facebook, email, Phone.